With Two Million Downloads EverythingMe Moves Out Of Beta And Into Context
The Startup Leading The Mobile Contextual Revolution Launches Out Of Beta To Improve Today’s Android Experience

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TEL AVIV, Israel – February 4, 2014 – With two million downloads, Everything.me, the leading developer of mobile contextual technology, is moving out of beta and announcing the public launch of its Android launcher. The company is also announcing the release of great new contextual features, a new design, and a new launcher name — EverythingMe.

The new version includes the release of several tent-pole new features, including:

  • True contextual phone: Your phone delivers what you need, when you need it – based on your context (time, location, preferences, history and much more)
  • Even smarter Smart Folders™: Receive personalized, super-relevant apps and information, including a new cards system
  • Fastest in-phone search for Android: Find contacts, apps and information easily

The new version comes at a time when we need to address the problem of sorting through a million apps, infinite information, thousands of services, and seemingly endless amounts of content that are instantly available through our phones. As mobile devices become ingrained in our daily lives, the current smartphone interface no longer works to help us navigate these endless options. We are therefore moving into the next generation of mobile and it is contextual – aware of your context, personal, simplified, faster, and providing everything you need, exactly when it is relevant. This is achieved not only at the UX level, but requires the analysis of billions of data points, advanced algorithms, and innovation to provide a smartphone that constantly adapts to user needs.

Taking full advantage of the Android platform’s immense flexibility and openness EverythingMe’s launcher personalizes what your smartphone does for you, not just how it looks. It takes into account how you use your phone and anticipates the apps and information you are most likely going to need to ensure you get exactly what you need, exactly when you want it. It is, in fact, the next generation of the mobile interface – Smartphone V2.

The new version of EverythingMe has a multitude of exciting new features including:

The first truly contextual phone: Every time you go to your homescreen, the launcher takes into account the time, the day, your location, your interests, your installed apps, how you like to use them, and other contextual parameters to anticipate the apps and information you are most likely going to need right now.

Even smarter Smart Folders: For example the ‘Around Me’ folder figures out when you’re at a new location and brings a personalized set of all the useful items you will need. Your Morning Folder will provide all those things you usually like to do in the morning, like checking the weather and news, while your evening folder will adapt to what you prefer to do in your evenings.

The fastest in-phone search on Android: The new version of EverythingMe includes a revamped in-phone search tool that finds what you need with a single letter. Enter one letter and pull up relevant contacts, apps, info, and web results — effortless and lightening fast! The algorithm is personalized to pull up the most used items first.

Cards – the new standard in mobile interface: Bite-size information packets, in a simple and easy to digest format, presented at the right time and context. It’s information on-the-go, exactly when you need it, saving you the need to open apps when all you want is the information.

In the past two years EverythingMe has hit a number of significant milestones:

  • $37M in Funding: The $37M raised enables EverythingMe to have a team of 60 professionals dedicated to solving the contextual challenge.
  • Two Million Downloads: The beta Android launcher has seen 2M downloads to date.
  • Billions of User Interactions: EverythingMe’s contextual algorithms are personalizing users’ phones, and correctly anticipating their needs 25 times a day per user — an amazing engagement rate.
  • Powering Firefox OS:Mozilla chose EverythingMe to bring its contextual phone technology into Firefox OS, which is now shipping on handsets across Europe and Latin America.

EverythingMe’s app launcher will be available for download here.

Rami Kasterstein: Co-Founder & CEO

Ami Ben David: Co-Founder

Joey Simhon: Co-Founder & CTO

Founded in 2010 EverythingMe is pioneering the contextual mobile space. The company is backed by world caliber investors including: BRM Group, Horizons Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), DFJTF, Telefónica Digital, and Singtel Innov8.