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SpinX Launches A Toilet Cleaning Robot That Cleans Up Every Queen’s Mess With A Royal Flush

SpinX launches the toilet cleaning robot that sanitizes the bowl and seat in 90 seconds so you don’t have to get your hands dirty scrubbing the toilet

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NEW YORK – December, 2017 – SpinX, the toilet cleaning robot, is the latest smart home solution that self-sanitizes the bowl and seat in 90 seconds. As the only automatic, toilet-cleaning robot in production, SpinX provides a hands-free solution for the dirtiest chore in the house, cleaning the toilet.

The Kickstarter campaign is live and has passed its initial goal, raising over $50,000!

Imagine everything that falls in a toilet bowl. Whether you’re making a routine trip to the toilet or cleaning up after your own kids, there always seem to be a mess that no one else is brave enough to wipe up and flush. Why should the mothers, wives, and girlfriends have to scrub away the weird toilet stain everyone else ignores? Most households already own robots that clean the floors of your home and now, with SpinX, cleaning up the aftermath of your husband’s last spicy meal is easily taken care of with a self-cleaning robot located inside your toilet bowl.

SpinX’s robotic brush replaces having to clean the toilet bowl, or having to beg any family members or coworkers to do it. “Please be neat and wipe the seat” is no longer a necessary request, whether you’re at home or at the office. SpinX’s main characteristics include:

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Capabilities: When SpinX is finished cleaning the bowl, the brush washes itself with a jet stream and soap, dries itself through a rapid spinning motion tucks itself back into its hidden compartment
  • Robotic Lid Cover To Hide Your Mess: SpinX is installed inside of a toilet lid cover  that sets a soap-sudded jet stream and its robotic brush into motion
  • Smart Sensor Flushing Feature: With the push of a button, a smart sensor scans the toilet’s shape and directs the robotic brush to thoroughly scrub the bowl  
  • Self-Sanitizing Seat: SpinX’s water jets that line and fit both round and elongated seats, spray water and soap to sanitize the seat before self-drying with compressed air from two dryers

SpinX, launching on Kickstarter, reaches for the darkest corners of everyone’s least favorite home appliance, without exposing the cleaning process as it happens, and kills 99.9% of all present bacteria found inside of toilet bowls, and on the seat. Each seat, designed to hold up to 330lbs, and fit on 98% of toilet bowls, lasts for up to 30 cleanings, and is easily detached and charged at the nearest outlet.

“When I was pregnant with twins, taking care of two toddlers, it occurred to me while I was cleaning the communal toilet one evening that nobody has invented a self-cleaning toilet product before,” says Co-Founder and CEO Hila Ben-Amram. “We live in the age of new technology, and to still be performing a trivial task that hasn’t evolved in over 100 years confused me. I created SpinX to save people the effort and inconvenience of carrying out a job they hate to do, while striving to reach new levels of cleaning and hygiene that benefits all who are tired of getting their hands dirty.”


Co-Founders, Hila and Ariel Ben-Amram, founded their own manufacturing company in 2013, Ben-Amram Import and Marketing, importing and marketing consumer products from China. The entrepreneur couple has extensive experience in contracting with international suppliers and manufacturers. SpinX was created to provide everyone with the extra time to do things they love, and eliminate the need for doing something they hate; cleaning the toilet. The idea behind SpinX originated when Hila was pregnant with twins, and experienced onset sickness at the sight of the family’s dirty toilet. After realizing there was no smart home product to keep a toilet clean automatically, they invented SpinX as the solution to an unresolved problem. With a team of engineers, Hila and Ariel designed SpinX, the self-cleaning toilet robot.


Co-Founder & CEO: Hila Ben-Amram
Co-Founder: Ariel Ben-Amram

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