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Riot Launches An Encrypted Open Source Workspace for the Web

Riot is a new workspace for the web that lets teams efficiently collaborate by bringing your conversations and productivity tools together. Riot is launching today to offer a new standard for business and consumer communications, with a uniquely secure, interoperable, open source and decentralized environment.

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London – October 2016Riot, a secure messaging environment that brings your online collaboration into one workspace, is launching publicly today following a successful beta under the Vector codename. Riot is built on Matrix, an open standard for decentralized persistent communication.

Today email is the only ubiquitous collaboration tool. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide the rich feature set preferred by teams to collaborate effectively: group chat, integrations, bots and voice and video calling. On the other hand, new generation communication tools with such functionality are completely fragmented, each one hosting its own set of siloed user communities. This fragmentation is unmanageable, ineffective and annoying to consumers and working groups. Riot was built to tackle this fragmentation problem.  

The Riot team is also passionate about protecting data privacy. Users should own their own data and have the ability to choose with whom they share this data. Today, the degree of consumer profiling is alarming. Riot allows users and teams to securely share their data so that no one other than trusted parties can access it.  

“Riot brings back the power to the users.” commented Amandine Le Pape, Head of Product for Riot. “The power to choose the messaging app they want to use, the power to use any integration available in an open ecosystem, to encrypt their conversations, to run their own server and fully own their data, to choose how they want to be notified, and to innovate on top of an open standard. Riot represents a new era of communication.”

Riot’s progressive infrastructure for teamwork enables teams to easily share data and collaborate on projects across different communication apps and third party tools. By using Matrix-powered bridging to external networks such as Slack, IRC, Twitter and Gitter, Riot frees users from closed silos and empowers each team member to keep using their favorite messaging app.

Riot offers hosted integrations to third party apps like GitHub, Jira and Jenkins, and relies on the attractive open framework of Matrix for bots and integrations development. Additionally, Riot benefits from Matrix’ community’s work, opening up the number of potential integrations to endless opportunities.

Riot also protects its conversations with state of the art, interoperable, end-to-end encryption (so users alone can decrypt the conversation) using Matrix’s Megolm, an advanced cryptographic ratchet. Teams can also choose to run their own server for added company security compliancy if desired. Riot is extremely secure, delivering the only collaboration environment which is decentralized and encrypted end to end.

Riot’s main features include:

  • Group chat, VoIP and video calling
  • App bridging – bringing together users from disparate networks
  • Integrations to productivity tools and bots
  • Easy onboarding – Invites to room participants via email ; optional Riot account sign up
  • Customizable notifications volume controls
  • Easy to use file transfer and file management
  • End-to-end encryption using the Megolm cryptographic ratchet


Initially built by developers for developers, Riot is free and open source software: all of the code is published on GitHub (Apache License) for anyone to see, extend, and run. Users can have hosted services and integrations from Riot or choose to run their own servers for maximum flexibility and customization, while still allowing them to communicate with the rest of the Riot users and benefit from the same bridges and integrations.

Riot is more than a messaging app: it’s a shared workspace for the Web.


Riot is available on the web, the App Store, Google Play, and F-Droid.


Riot is a secure, interoperable, open source real-time messaging product built by Vector Creations Limited, a UK based company with offices in London, UK and Rennes, France.


Gary Miles
Amandine Le Pape
Matthew Hodgson

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Danielle Blumenstyk Peterman