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Razergon VR Launches to Create a Portable, Affordable VR World

Oqtagon unveils its wireless Razergon VR headset with its tightly integrated hardware solution and open source proprietary Operating System to deliver an Oculus experience at a fraction of the cost for extended gaming, educational and streaming possibilities

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HONG KONG – October 2017-  OQTAGON, the wireless virtual reality company, unveils its high resolution, wireless and affordable Razergon VR headset.  Powered by Razergon OS, a proprietary, operating system, users are given the freedom to stream video content, download games and experience 3D Movies in the comfort of their homes. Razergon’s headset will be available for preorders on Kickstarter from October 2017, starting at $219 for early backers.

Tethered to pre-programmed virtual adventures, typical VR headsets are limited in their offerings, functionality and price point. With Razergon’s standalone wireless VR headset, users are able to take gaming, video streaming, and Internet browsing into the virtual world for a reimagined VR experience for up to four hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Razergon’s headset offers users the latest in VR technology through:

  • OqtaMotion – A motion controller built specifically for Mobile Virtual Reality. Want to go back to the main menu? Or maybe pause the video you are watching? Just point and click. Razergon VR has built in all the tracking sensors into the headset so that interface use is simple and intuitive.
  • Razergon OS – An OS jointly developed with our partners gives users wireless access to the latest software and content updates from Razergon OS and Google Play Store.
  • 2K Display – Razergon’s display offers one of the highest resolutions in the VR industry and effectively eliminating the pixel grid effect. A wide 90 Degrees Field of View also eliminates the box-in effect commonly suffered in many existing VR Headsets, users can now fully enjoy a more immersive wireless VR Experience.

“I first got the idea to create Razergon after volunteering with senior citizens,” describes Founder and CEO Galen Law Kun. “It was from here that I wanted to make a solution that would be affordable, adaptable and entertaining for everyone, with a platform that truly felt liberated from the standard VR offerings. Our goal is to utilize our technology to give anyone at any age, an immersive experience by simply putting on a headset.”


OQTAGON was established in 2016 by Galen Law-Kun with the desire to make virtual reality more attainable and enjoyable for the general public. With Razergon, OQTAGON’s mission is to radically redefine digital entertainment and to bring cutting edge technology into people’s daily lives.


Galen Law-Kun
CEO & Co-Founder

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