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Piqapoo - Fully Funded on Kickstarter - Takes Away the Shittiest Part of Being a Dog Owner

Piqapoo, a discreet, lightweight, and hands-free device to collect dog poop is launching a crowdfunding campaign, with the goal of making dog owners lives a whole lot easier

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Tel Aviv – December, 2016 – Piqapoo, a simple hands-free solution for collecting dog poop that wants to eliminate the “ick” factor from your dog walks, and has reached its goal on Kickstarter after two hours. The Piqapoo has a soft clip and a durable collection bag beneath, that comfortably attaches to a dog’s tail, so when your dog does its business, all of the poop will fall directly into the bag with no mess and no leakage. With just the press of a button, dog owners can release the bag directly into the trash, making the cleanup process easy and sanitary. 

One of the hardest parts of owning a dog is cleaning up the pooch’s poop. Most dog owners just use their hands and a plastic bag to clean up on walks. What’s even worse are that many dog owners don’t clean up after their dogs at all, because it’s just too gross. On top of that, sometimes dog poop isn’t as solid as it should be, making cleaning up the mess almost impossible. With Piqapoo, however, the collection bag is directly attached underneath the dog’s tail, ensuring that all of the poop goes directly in the bag, and making the cleanup process completely hands-free.

Other dog poop collection devices currently on the market are riddled with problems. Scoopers are big and clunky, and don’t work on diarrhea. Fitted devices are often uncomfortable for the dogs, and can be extremely time-consuming for the owners to put on. There are even modified bags, but they are quite expensive and can leave traces of poop on the ground. Piqapoo aims to be the most simple and inexpensive solution, allowing dog owners the freedom to take their dogs on walks without any hassle.

Dog poop isn’t just a harmless nuisance, left alone, it can have a significant environmental impact. Studies have shown that 20% of water pollution is caused by pet waste that was not picked up by the pets’ owners. Additionally, tickets for leaving your dog’s poop on the ground can be up to one thousand pounds in places like the UK. Piqapoo is committed to making poop cleanup as easy as possible, ensuring people don’t leave their dog’s waste lying around.

“At Piqapoo, we love our dogs,” said Gideon Hazan, CEO of Piqapoo. “The only thing we didn’t like about being dog owners was using our hands to pick up our dogs’ poop. The reason we’re so passionate about Piqapoo is that we all use it! It works, and it has made dog walking a way more enjoyable part of our day.”

Additionally, Piqapoo is a great solution for individuals with disabilities. People who are visually impaired can easily feel where to attach the Piqapoo to their dogs. For others who have a hard time bending down to clean up after their dogs, they can now simply detach the device from their dogs tail and throw out the disposable waste bag.

Piqapoo is small and discreet, and comes in a variety of sizes to ensure the best fit for every dog. The device itself is made from cushioned lightweight silicone, ensuring that the dog is as comfortable as possible. Piqapoo has been tested on many dogs and has been proven effective and is approved by veterinarians.


Piqapoo provides a solution that is a dream come true for dog owners that love their dogs but not picking up after them. Simply place Piqapoo’s soft clip onto your dog’s tail with the durable collection bag beneath. When your dog is ready to poop, all droppings will collect into the bag, with no mess and no leakage, guaranteed. Your dog won’t even notice it’s there! Take the Piqapoo, unclip the bag and dispose. Keep your hands clean, and never pick up dog poo again!


Gideon Hazan - CEO

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