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ParaZero Collaborates With Rakuten, Airobotics, And ACSL To Keep The Skies Safe With Its Virtual Safety Net

The company that built SafeAir, deploys its autonomous recovery system with leading drone manufacturers and operators to ensure that commercial and enterprise UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are reliable and safe enough to operate everywhere

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TEL AVIV, Israel – August 2017ParaZero, the startup that developed the first fully autonomous, independent safety suite for drones, is teaming up with a number of top companies that utilize ParaZero’s SafeAir system, including Rakuten, Airobotics and ACSL.

Parazero’s SafeAir autonomous parachute recovery system, with its unique combination of smart sensing, emergency decision algorithms, and effectiveness at all angles and low altitude, is being implemented by different companies in various ways. For example, ParaZero’s SafeAir protects drones and industrial inspections for drone manufacturer, ACSL of Japan, and ensures seamless drone deliveries for Japan based e-commerce giant, Rakuten. SafeAir is also helping drone companies adhere to strict aviation regulations as seen with Airobotics, the world’s first drone company to receive autonomous and BVLOS approval from a regulation authority by on-boarding SafeAir.

The emerging market of UAV’s for enterprise and commercial use is growing rapidly. Companies demonstrate a rising need for a smart, autonomous recovery system that protects commercial and private property, the people underneath, and the expensive drone hardware and sensors. ParaZero’s solutions provide the enterprise operator and service provider with highly reliable risk mitigation, reducing lost days of service, and preventing damage to their business and brand, concerns that are currently unaddressed by insurance.

ParaZero’s SafeAir system provides the reliability that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) demands by combining very low altitude effectiveness, smart autonomous emergency detection and instantaneous recovery activation, backed by strict commercial aviation standards. This enables drone manufacturers and commercial service providers to grow their businesses and operate their drones everywhere, safely, at a fraction of the cost, with features such as:

  • Autonomous and smart activation, whether there is a critical malfunction, free fall, breach of flight envelope, geo-fencing breach, or complete loss of power
  • A high level of effectiveness at a very low altitude, and at all flight envelopes including extreme roll
  • Easy to use with an installation plug

Additionally, ParaZero’s SafeAir system works as a virtual safety net, and meets the unique requirements of drone manufacturers by tailoring each system to the specific demands of each drone platform. One of ParaZero’s customers, Airobotics recently announced it received the world’s first permission to fly both autonomous and BVLOS with its highly reliable drone. According to Benny Davidor, Head of Unmanned Platforms at the CAA, ParaZero’s SafeAir system was “one of the reasons Airobotics’ autonomous flight was approved.”

“Similar to Mobileye’s capability to identify risk and danger, and provide warning and active measures for vehicles on the ground, ParaZero’s innovative capabilities prevent danger and provide active measures for airborne drones,” said Amir Tsaliah, ParaZero’s Founder and CTO.

During AUVSI’s Xponential 2017, the world’s largest drone conference, Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero discussed with Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator, about the SafeAir solution for drone safety. According to Eden, “ParaZero is holding the key to unlock the full potential of the commercial drone industry, providing regulators with the solutions to enable safe drone flight everywhere.”



Parazero solves the commercial drone industry primary challenge – safe operation and reliability to enable full operation. It is led by highly experienced aviation professionals. Parazero provides customized safety systems for a wide variety of unmanned platforms around the globe. Parazero’s systems demonstrate accumulated maturity and are now introducing 2nd generation products both in the SafeAir active energy reduction, and the SmartAir autonomous smart electronics.


Eden Attias - CEO and Chairman
Amir Tsaliah - CTO & Co-Founder
Eyal Regev - VP R&D
Anat Peled - CFO
Oren Aviram - CMO

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