Backed By $2.3 Million, Dropico Launches New App: MasterFX – The Fun And Ease Of Instagram With The Power Of Photoshop
Startup Unveils New Feature Rich Art Design iOS App That Lets Any John Smith Become Michelangelo

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HERZLIYA, Israel – May 20, 2013 – Leveraging $2.3 million in total funding from angel investors, MasterFX, a new design app by Dropico Mobile officially launched today for iPad and iPhone. MasterFX lets the average user possess the power of professional designers without the need to learn fancy photo editing techniques.

Photo and video apps have become the third largest category in iOS downloads. Today, the most common of these apps available in the app store are narrowly focused on casual photo filters and editing tools.

MasterFX is a free app that comes with over 1,500 photo elements, effects, characters, backgrounds, brushes, and an advanced text editor, all ready to use with an automatic balancing function that makes the elements naturally blend with one another. The app offers 32 additional packages for $0.99 each as well as a gallery of few million royalty free photos for $0.05 per photo. “We think photo editing software and stock photos should come together, we plan to extend the graphic materials stock with every update” says Sagi Hirsh, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Dropico Mobile.

MasterFX is designed to simulate the everyday process of professional designers, but in a much more user friendly and intuitive interface. In order to build a composition, professional designers usually gather desired graphical materials from stock sites, organize them, and then artfully mesh them all together into a smooth composition requiring hours of work and a lot of skill.

MasterFX makes it simple for everyone and anyone to create gorgeous works of art. The app is user friendly and all of the design elements are made to work together making creation a snap. On the app’s homepage there are video tutorials available for new users to explore MasterFX’s features as well as an online gallery of highlighted user created MasterFX masterpieces intended to showcase and inspire.

Today, the apps that are available in the iPhotography space are either very simple, limited tools such as Instagram’s filters or very complex, editing software such as Photoshop. MasterFX introduces something entirely new. It provides the popular, fun and easy features of tools as of Instagram and takes them to another level by including heavy duty editing features from Photoshop such as: distort, layers manager, opacity control, mask and brushes as easy single step tools.

Dropico’s future plans include a wide set of additional tools for advanced users which will go head to head with Photoshop for mobile. The company also plans to roll out a video editor by the end of 2013

MasterFX comes to you by Dropico Mobile, a developer of photography based mobile apps. They have seen much success with apps such as FilterMania, WowFX, InstaFonts, and more. During the last year, Dropico’s apps saw more than 10 million downloads.

You can explore the #masterfx tag on Instagram for samples of user artwork, created in real time.

Gabi Ben Ami, CEO
Sagi Hirsh, CPO
Shalom Shwaitzer, CTO

Founded in 2009, by Gabi Ben Ami, CEO, Sagi Hirsh, CPO, and Shalom Shwaitzer, CTO, Dropico Media LTD. started as a cloud-to-cloud white label media management solution. In mid-2011 the founders decided to change the company focus to Photography IOS apps. The company has raised a total of $2.3 million to date from private Israeli Angels.