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Market Beyond raises $4M to give Fortune 500 retailers market research insights beyond the consumer’s eye

The e-commerce analytics company launches its AI dashboard to provide Fortune 500 retailers with real-time analytics that increase their profits by more than $100M annually

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Tel Aviv – April 2019 – Market Beyond, the e-commerce analytics company providing actionable insights for the e-retail market, is announcing a funding round of $4 million, and the launch of its new AI dashboard. Market Beyond supplies Fortune 500 companies like eBay and P&G with actionable, real-time, product level insights which allow retailers to know and sell more of what people want, in order to get a leg up on their competition.

The infamous rivalry between the original online retailers Amazon and eBay has been around for ages. What if there was a way for these companies to actually discover why their customers are leaving for their competitor? Existing e-commerce analytics tools are great for providing an abundance of data, but are missing specific data about why consumers may be leaving a site and shopping elsewhere. Market Beyond goes beyond the consumer’s eye and empowers Fortune 500 retailers with the tools they need to better cater to their audiences, which increases both brand loyalty, and market share across the e-commerce landscape.

Market Beyond’s new dashboard, which is GDPR compliant, taps into the power of AI to provide retailers with greater insights on what consumers really want – all in one place, while machine learning algorithms handle the complex data-filled world of online shopping. Market Beyond provides e-commerce analytics with product-level granularity for millions of SKUs, based on real consumer shopping journeys across the entire e-market.

With Market Beyond’s new GDPR compliant dashboard, retailers can access a consumer’s path to purchase by following millions of e-shoppers worldwide, as well as:

  • Identify revenue leakage: Identifying points of loss down to the category/SKU level to measure exactly how much is leaking and where to
  • Pinpoint SKU level insights: Highlighting inefficiencies affecting revenue loss at the SKU level, while uncovering issues with pricing, traffic, search, merchandising or inventory, etc.
  • Classify top SKUs: Enabling a true snapshot of any category top SKUs – Daily, weekly, and monthly.

“Retail companies currently use high level/directional non actionable non real time insights when accumulating market research data to improve their overall market share,” says Yuval Yifrach, CEO and Co-Founder of Market Beyond. “The retail market research and analysis sector is expanding rapidly in our technologically dependent world. Market Beyond will be a key player as its unique product is specifically built for e-commerce highlighting current consumer shopping trends and helping retailers take accurate actions on a daily basis, fixing their revenue leakage points to recover potential revenues.”

Market Beyond will be demonstrating its new AI dashboard at Shoptalk in Las Vegas on March 4th. The team can be found at booth # 2529.


Led by Yuval Yifrach, Eran Dror and Shacar Baryamin, Market Beyond was founded in 2016. Market Beyond uses AI to turn market intelligence into actionable insights for retailers. Its goal is to enable retailers and brands to take precise steps to grow their e-commerce market share.


Yuval Yifrach, CEO & Co-Founder
Eran Dror, CTO & Co-Founder
Shachar Baryamin, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

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