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Data Shows Marketers Fail At Internal Communications

Recent research from employer review site kununu, reveals even with long hours and fierce competition the marketing industry comes in ninth for happiest employees, but could use a lesson on how to communicate in the workplace

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Marketing continues to be one of the most popular career choices as more and more qualified graduates leave school with a new-found optimism and passion for the field. According to data from kununu, the insights platform for employer reviews and ratings, regardless of the long hours and the fierce competition for work, marketing is ranked within the top ten industries out of 42 that the company monitors. Below is an analysis of the top industry rankings and workplace factors across the U.S.. 

In the past 12 months, using kununu’s five star scale the marketing/advertising/PR industry ranks ninth with only a .38 difference from tax consulting/auditing, which is surprisingly rated the most satisfactory career.

Industry Ranking

Rank Industry Score
1 Tax Consulting / Auditing 3.41
2 Consulting 3.28
3 Human Resources 3.26
4 Arts / Culture / Entertainment 3.23
5 Internet / Media 3.18
6 IT and Services / Network Security 3.12
7 Research and Development / Sciences 3.10
8 Market Research 3.06
9 Marketing / Advertising / PR 3.03
10 Purchasing 3.01
40 Manufacturing 2.62
41 Automotive 2.59
42 Printing / Packaging 2.53

The top five workplace dimensions for marketers include gender equality, teamwork, safety, challenging work, and company culture. The spaces where the marketing industry needs to improve include leadership support, social awareness, career development, and job security. Interestingly enough, communications is one of the key areas those in the marketing industry find most lacking in their workplaces. For those that require strong communication skills for their profession, it’s a surprise that this area requires a lot of improvement.

Workplace Dimensions for Marketing / Advertising / PR 

Rank Workplace Dimension Score
1 Gender Equality 3.15
2 Teamwork 2.98
3 Workplace Safety 2.86
4 Challenging Work 2.83
5 Company Culture 2,78
6 Inclusive / Diverse 2.78
7 Work Life Balance 2.74
8 Attitude towards colleagues 45+ 2.71
9 Working Conditions 2.70
10 Autonomy 2.65
11 Compensation and Benefits 2.65
12 Handicap Accessibility 2.62
13 Company Image 2.55
14 Leadership Support 2.53
15 Social Awareness 2.45
16 Communication 2.39
17 Career Development 2.29
18 Job Security 2.22

For a job seeker, having this information is essential to gauge which traits are most important when looking at specific companies within the marketing field. These ratings shift company to company, but give a baseline to understand overall how an agency stacks up against its competitors.

Here’s a sampling of some anonymous reviews left for various companies within the marketing/advertising/PR industry:


  • Excellent compensation and training
  • Full autonomy to do day to day operations
  • Gave me the training and guidance necessary to succeed
  • My supervisors did a great job of teaching me all the necessary skills to be successful.
  • My job is very stable
  • The management were all very enthusiastic about their roles in the company and loved their jobs. It was infectious to be around them
  • There is a great team of great people who are always there to help. Doesn’t matter what coast you’re on there’s always a team member to reach out to.
  • Employees are extremely proud of the company and its marketing abilities.  Good first career step as opportunities for building skill set are available.
  • Fair pay, very talented staff, good work-life balance
  • I had the best time there, great culture, great people, great work-life-balance


  • You really don’t know who is in charge. They have no organization and the priorities change by the minute.
  • President does not care if company is successful
  • Unless you are in with the office click, expect trouble. From the start, you are judged by your ability to be the yes person from upper management. If you’re not, any kind of challenge to a superior above your pay grade is considered an insult although it may be a legitimate argument. If you have an idea keep it to yourself until your given the opportunity to shine in front of the client, otherwise someone will present your ideas and take credit for them!
  • This company had an extremely high turnover rate. Mostly due to the lack of adjustments needed to move forward and develop. Using the same script for every segment did not work.
  • For a newspaper company, there is a surprising lack of communication.
  • No interest in new ideas, lack of communication, sometimes a difficult environment
  • Lack of communications among the various department heads (senior management, a term I loosely use) which leads to lack of quality work.

Headquartered in Vienna and leading the European market, kununu launched in the U.S. last year in a joint venture with Monster and has already collected more than 2 million data points and over half a million reviews. Reviews on kununu are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction to provide job seekers with workplace insights that really matter in order to to make sound work-life decisions, while helping HR teams identify the factors that drive happiness at work.


kununu is the original employer review and ratings platform committed to creating transparency in the workplace. kununu helps people who are taking an active role in their career progression and want to learn more about companies that might be the right fit. kununu launched in the U.S. in 2016 and has collected over 500,000 reviews and more than 2 million data points in the last 12 months. Reviews are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction to help Talent and HR teams attract and retain quality candidates, while providing job seekers with workplace insights that matter to make sound work-life decisions. With global headquarters in Vienna, Austria, kununu is the leading employer review platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company was founded in 2007 and acquired by XING AG in 2013. See more about kununu at


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