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Alibaba-Backed KTplay Expands West- Launches Instant In-Game Communities for Developers

Conquering the Chinese market with 390 million downloads, 150 million active users, and 3,000 developers, KTPlay's in-game community platform expands westward

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Beijing, August 2016 – KTplay, the in-game community platform backed by Alibaba, is announcing the global launch of its SDK will now be available to all developers around the world with its expansion west. After conquering China, it’s now sharing that it has 390 million downloads, 150 million active users, and 3,000 developers using the platform. KTplay has shown a 4% boost in session length, an 11% increase in daily active users , and a 10% bump in IAP sales.

KTplay aims to connect all parties involved in mobile gaming, with one another – the gamers within the games and the developers with the gamers. KTplay deepens the gaming experience for all players by creating social communities for all players within the game.

Imagine that you’re developing a brand new game. As a developer, you want to focus all of your time and energy on making a great game. But this is a never-ending task, and more often than not, you cannot create all the engagement features you dreamt of. With KTplay, you have the structure for an instant in-game community that is directly connected to the actual gaming experience. KTplay automatically gives your users the ability to converse within your app, increasing the in-game playing times as well as retention. While allowing you valuable insights into what players are saying and the information you need to influence their in-game behavior.

KTplay’s platform takes just 10 minutes to fully integrate within a mobile app and gives developers control to understand what players are thinking and discussing. Developers can directly impact, guide, and influence the behavior of their players. KTplay enables developers to aggregate 100% of their players into a single, easy-to-manage community right inside the app. From the back end, KTplay’s easy to use live-ops tools give developers an easy way to run in-game events, promote IAP sales, cross-pollinate players between games, and reward outstanding influencers inside their community. The platform provides developers with the tools to increase retention and revenue by giving players more reasons to stay in-game longer, and making the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

KTplay benefits the players in a number of ways including the use of forums to share strategies to help fellow players overcome challenges. Additionally, those using the game have an easy way to connect with developers directly and and share feedback on the game quickly and easily.

KTplay’s forums offers numerous social tools and an array of exciting features:

  • In-Game Forum – Provide access to rich-media forum to post, share, and discuss favorite content with fellow players
  • Customized Feed – Feature high quality content on a newsfeed for KTplay community
  • Player Polls – Share player’s opinion on everything from their favorite character to patch feedback
  • Photos and Videos – Record and share favorite in-game moments or UGC with peers
  • Contests and Events – Manage and run live events by utilizing KTplay messaging and interstitials

“KTplay aims to solve a major pain point for developers around the world,” said Founder and CEO Spencer Liu. “Developers currently can’t touch their players; they don’t have a direct and easy way to influence player behavior because all community management activities are done far away from and outside the games themselves. Where are the most engaged, active and loyal players? Developers already have them, they are right inside your game!”


KTplay is headquartered in Beijing and has offices in Boston. Founded by Spencer Liu, inspiration struck while he became increasingly frustrated about having to leave the games he was playing in order to hunt across the web for tips to advance to the next level. It was then that he set out to create a solution for in-game communities. KTplay is backed by $12M in funding from Alibaba. The KTplay team comes with a vast knowledge of product strategy, design, technology innovation, games development and publishing.


Spencer Liu- CEO/ Founder
Billy Tang- Chief Operating Officer
Eric Wu- Head of Business Development

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