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Want to Monitor Your Heart Rate With a Shirt or Get a Robot to Help You Rehabilitate? The Israeli Pavilion Is Bringing Top Israeli Medical Devices & HealthCare IT Technologies to MEDICA 2016

The Non-Profit Organization, Israel Export Institute, Together with The Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy of Israel, Will Present Israel’s Top High-Tech Companies in Medical and Health Fields at MEDICA this November in Order to Foster Business Relationships and Boost Joint Ventures Between Israel’s Medical Scene and Potential Partners

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Tel-Aviv, Israel — November 14-17, 2016 — The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), a non-profit organization that promotes Israeli trade relations, cooperation, and strategic alliances with overseas companies, is presenting Israel’s leading Medical Device and HealthCare IT companies at the Israel Pavilion at MEDICA 2016, together with Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy. As a global leader in the field of HealthCare Technologies, Israel aims to provide a wide spectrum of advanced solutions tailored for everyone in the global health system, from hospitals and clinics to everyday people.

The Israeli Pavilion will present a respected number of more than 60 Medical Device and HealthCare IT Technology companies. The companies that will be presented hold a variety of medical applications and uses, including technologies related to smart cities, smart cars, smart homes, sport medicine, preventive medicine and elderly care. You can check out the full portfolio here.

The IEICI will be presenting the following key players in Israeli Medtech at MEDICA:

QinFlow Ltd.   

Since its launch in 2008, QinFlow has worked to perfect an extremely efficient fluid warming technology that can be used in emergency situations. The company provides rescue teams and paramedics with a completely portable blood and IV fluid warming device, which helps save countless lives, since immediate transfusions ensure faster emergency care. 


Motorola utilizes robotic technology to help the therapeutic needs of patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions. Motorika has created robotic arms and other devices that are programmed to help in the recovery of patients. With the help of Motorika, patients can receive specialized therapy for their needs and injuries, such as assisting in the rehabilitation following an arm surgery or hand surgery.

Medasense Biometrics Ltd.    

Medasense Biometrics Ltd. specializes in pain monitoring solutions. Its mission is to reduce pain through devices that can more accurately measure a patient’s pain level, which ultimately results in more effective pain treatment. Instead of trying to understand a patient’s pain level, which is subjective, Medasense will objectively measure the pain a patient is feeling.

Integrity Applications

Integrity Applications is focused on creating a non-invasive glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes. Integrity Applications has developed the GlucoTrack, which is designed to help people with diabetes check their glucose levels without the pain and inconvenience of conventional finger stick devices.


HealthWatch is a pioneer in textile technology, and produces a fashionable and smart garment that measures vital signs. When coupled with HealthWatch’s monitor and control device, users get personal alerts and monitoring from medical experts without altering their lifestyle.


GlucoMe has built a wireless Blood Glucose Monitor that connects to mobile devices. The device is super-small, fashionable, and extremely simple to use. The monitor has a simple design, with no display, no on/off buttons, no wired connector, no Bluetooth, no WiFi and no cellular connection, providing users with a simple and straightforward device.


EarlySense has built a continuous patient monitoring solution that enhances patient safety and reduces risk for general care patients. Founded in 2004, EarlySense focuses on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals and healthcare systems.

Core Scientific Creations            

Core Scientific Creations develops and manufactures medical devices in the field of Advanced Bleeding Control. The company’s mission is to be innovative, creative and work directly with professional caregivers in the development of new products and methods of application.

CNOGA Medical Ltd.  

CNOGA Medical Ltd. wants to empower people to easily measure and collect their health related data. In order to do so, CNOGA has built two different non-invasive measuring sensors, the TensorTip Matrix, which measures Hemodynamics, blood gases and Blood Chemistry Hemoglobin, as well as the TensorTip Vital Sign Monitor, which measures vital signs such as Blood Pressure and pulse.


“The Israel Pavilion is well-known for showcasing some of the most impressive medical and health technologies, and this year Israel certainly does not disappoint,” says Tomer Epstein, Manager of Medical Device and HIT within the IEICI. “The government of Israel works hard to promote the crème de la crème of Israeli health tech companies whose solutions will change our well being in more ways than one.”


The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is a nonprofit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, in order to facilitate business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between international and Israeli companies. The Institute is committed to bringing together mobile-centric corporations around the world with Israeli companies whose mobile applications, services and platforms provide a business advantage in the highly competitive mobile market.


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