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HiGrade reveals which country’s cannabis will give you the greatest high of your life

HiGrade gets you that good kush with a single snapshot, unveiling that Slovakians smoke up the ‘highest’ average THC levels
at 19.33%, while Europeans test their weed 3.2x more than Americans to avoid blunt trauma

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Tel Aviv, Israel – May 2019 HiGrade, the first cannabis analytics app which tells you how high you’ll get even before lighting up, is revealing data from its global cannabis consumption study. By analyzing over 5 million images, the “Shazam of weed” app is weeding out the myths between North American and European cannabis.

We’ve all encountered a sketchy dealer that made us wonder “will this bud get me buzzed, or just dazed and confused?” What if we waste our hard earned money on plain ineffective dope? Weed doesn’t come cheap, and until now, it’s never been possible to identify the level of THC (the chemical that gets you high) in any strain before smoking up. But imagine if your phone could tell you more than just which abandoned parking lot to meet your local dealer at, but also if his goods are any good? What if you could scan your stash before losing all your cash?

HiGrade’s mobile application and portable lens turns a smartphone into a personal laboratory on-the-go. A user simply snaps a photo of any cannabis flower, and machine learning algorithms detect THC levels, bringing quality testing to one’s fingertips. It’s like your personal weed connoisseur, right in your pocket.

HiGrade has processed over 5 million images to build up its database, and analyzed more than 100,000 user-uploaded images since its 2016 launch. In order to contribute even further to global weed know-how, HiGrade is sharing insights from its study of this budding industry, and which countries are taking reefer to such great heights:

  • Slovakians have high expectations: The highest THC level in Europe was measured in Slovakia at 19.33%, while The Netherlands slid into second place with an average THC level of 19.05%
  • Europeans avoid blunt trauma: Europeans test their cannabis 3.2 times as often as North Americans
  • Joint effort: The average potency for the USA and Canada was pretty similar, around 17.6% THC
  • O, Cannabis!: Canadians test their cannabis twice as often as Americans
  • Buzz kill: The lowest averages of THC in Europe belong to Switzerland (17.17%), and the Ukraine (17.28%)

“The best way to raise the quality of cannabis is to help people assess it upon growth and purchase. By helping consumers evaluate the quality of cannabis, we are also raising the bar for growers,” says Assaf Gavish, Co-Founder and CSO of HiGrade. “Our mission is to empower patients and consumers by giving them access to mobile cannabis testing, allowing them to take charge of their health and wellness.”

HiGrade is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


HiGrade empowers consumers to take mindful strides towards smarter consumption of cannabis, by instantly testing the THC level of any cannabis strain with a smartphone. Founded in 2016, HiGrade is the brainchild of Asaf Levy and Assaf Gavish and has taken them on the “trip” of a lifetime. The HiGrade team consists of dedicated biologists and AI experts, with synergistic capabilities in algorithm development and plant diagnostics.


Asaf Levy, Co-Founder and CEO
Assaf Gavish, Co-Founder and CSO

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