With $1.3 Million In Total Funding, Getonic Unveils New Social-Viral Shopping Platform
Startup Gives Small Business And Shops Tools To Build Mini Social-Stores They Can Post To Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, And Websites

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TEL AVIV, Israel – February 13, 2013 – Getonic, the developer of a new social-shop platform, announces today that is has raised more than $1.3 million in total funding for its service that gives small businesses and stores a unique set of tools to build mini online shops that they can post to the web and social feeds. Getonic has raised seed funding from several leading venture partners including thetime, Rutledge Vine Capital, private investor Mortimer Singer, and other angel investors.

The startup has developed a unique mini-ecommerce platform. Users build stores, called POPshops, that are a new kind of social widget and let businesses promote and sell their products and services directly from the Facebook timeline and other social channels. Additionally, the POPshops include a unique viral-affiliate program that encourages users to share them with their friends. The company has just released an redesigned version of the platform with multiple new features for its users.

While traditional online stores are a good solution for customers who are searching for a specific product or service, they don’t effectively address impulse purchases. This is where social channels can successfully complement existing ecommerce sites, effectively sending the store to the customer. However, there are currently very limited solutions for businesses looking to add social channels to their ecommerce businesses. Currently, businesses can post offers to their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts but these provide only very basic experiences. Users are sent outside of the platforms and making a purchase is still a convoluted process.

Getonic is looking to solve this problem through its simple end-to-end solution. The service gives businesses an easy-to-use dashboard where they can create their own POPshop in seconds. Businesses simply need to select the product or service they want to sell, add a price, customize the look and feel of the POPshop, and that’s it. With a click of a button they can post it to Facebook, Twitter, a blog, email, or the web.

In addition, Getonic provides businesses with a unique viral-affiliate program. Businesses can choose to enable an incentive feature, where users are rewarded for purchases made from POPshops that they share. It’s easy for users to simply click share and know that they can earn money or other rewards when their friends buy the offered item. This gives Getonic huge viral strength and turns every customer into a potential affiliate.

“We built Getonic with millions of SMBs in mind. These are businesses that look to the power of the social web to find new customers and generate new revenue,” said Adi Eyal CEO of Getonic. “Our platform gives these businesses a powerful tool, not only to create visually attractive stores, but also the ability to tap into the social power of platforms like Facebook.”

CEO Adi Eyal

Founded in 2010, Getonic provides businesses with a platform to create social-viral stores call POPshops. These mini-online stores let users make purchases directly from the social-feeds and to receive potential rewards when they share the stores with their friends. Getonic is led by CEO Adi Eyal, and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has raised seed funding from several leading venture partners including thetime, Rutledge Vine Capital, private investor Mortimer Singer, and other angel investors.