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Backed by $12.6 million and healthcare giants such as GE and IBM, DiA arms clinicians with its AI-powered cardiac ultrasound software

DiA’s solution leverages artificial intelligence to transform the way clinicians acquire and analyze ultrasound images

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Beer Sheva, Israel, January, 2020 —  DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., the leading ultrasound analysis provider, transforms the medical imaging field with its FDA-cleared, AI-powered cardiac ultrasound software. DiA’s technology assists clinicians in acquiring and analyzing ultrasound images correctly. The company has already raised $12.6 million for its suite of solutions and has partnered with nine leading healthcare channels, such as GE Healthcare, IBM Watson Health, and Konica Minolta. 

Ultrasound is a $7 billion market that is rapidly expanding, largely driven by advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. Ultrasound is the only imaging modality that expands to new point-of-care settings, capable of adding new users, such as Emergency Departments, ICU, Internal Medicine, and even GPs. Yet evaluating ultrasound images is difficult and currently performed visually. The process is subjective, error-prone, and highly dependent on the user’s experience. DiA’s solutions address this challenge by assisting clinicians to objectively and accurately analyze ultrasound images, reducing the subjectivity associated with visual interpretation.

DiA’s software is currently used by more than 1000 points of care and sold in over 20 countries, addressing a market of 8,000 hospitals and more than 18 million clinicians in the U.S. Most recently, DiA has announced its collaboration with IBM Watson Health, which will now offer DiA’s LVivo Ejection Fraction (EF) solution, one of several cardiology and general imaging AI solutions that the company has developed, to clinicians globally. The LVivo EF application provides clinicians an AI-based quantification solution that produces automated clinical data, such as EF and Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS).

DiA’s software uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms that imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motions in ultrasound images. The company’s suite of FDA-cleared, CE-marked decision-support tools, dubbed the “LVivo Cardiac Toolbox,” offers objective analysis of clinical abnormalities that can be missed by visual estimation.   

“DiA’s vision to make the analysis of ultrasound images smarter and more accessible to clinicians with various levels of experience, on any platform,” says Hila Goldman-Aslan, CEO and Co- Founder of DiA Imaging Analysis. “Our partnerships with  leading healthcare providers is only the beginning of DiA’s journey, as it paves the way for a future of effective patient management and support for clinician decision-making processes with AI-based objective and accurate ultrasound analysis.”


DiA Imaging Analysis:

DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. is the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) powered ultrasound analysis solutions that make ultrasound analysis smarter and accessible. By using its advanced AI-based technology, DiA assists clinicians at all levels of experience to acquire and analyze ultrasound images – objectively and accurately, improving patient management.

Headquartered in Israel with a subsidiary in the US, the company was founded by Hila Goldman Aslan (CEO), Michal Yaacobi (CTO), Arnon Toussia-Cohen (CCO) and Dr. Noah Liel-Cohen. For more information, please visit


Hila Goldman Aslan - CEO
Arnon Toussia Cohen - CCO
Michal Yaacobi - CTO
Dr. Eran Feldhay - CMO

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