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Bonjour, the IoT Alarm with Personality, Brings AI Instincts To a Re-Imagined Morning Routine

Holi announces Bonjour, a sleek IoT alarm that has the intuition of an AI device, anticipating and interacting with the sleep-ly enamoured and slow to rise. The sleek voice-controlled device, which has already raised over $800,000 on Kickstarter, features connectivity to IoT devices and services such as Nest, IFTTT, Spotify, and Amazon Echo, with natural delivery and advanced intuition for easy and enjoyable morning wakeup. With its Kickstarter Success, the company has already implemented stretch goal features including biometric voice recognition.

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Lyon- January 2017, Holi, a French design and innovation company, is unveiling Bonjour, a smart, IoT alarm that upgrades the morning wake-up routine. Bonjour is an AI driven alarm clock that combines sleek and elegant design, with an intuitive, easy and interactive UI, and is now available on Indiegogo on Demand. Through precise voice activation technology, wireless internet connectivity, app integration, AI intuition, and an easy-to-read display, Bonjour enhances your morning wake-up routine to go beyond the snooze button.  The company is announcing its latest stretch goal from its Kickstarter success, Biometric Vocal Recognition. Bonjour will be able to distinguish between multiple voices in a room to deliver personalized advice to each user.

With Bonjour, you can wake up to your local weather, your favorite Spotify playlist, or your unique Philips Hue lighting configuration, all with voice-control activation and feedback. You set the conditions to which all of your services perform and interact with each other each morning while Bonjour interprets each app’s information. With natural-conversational AI technology Bonjour speaks and plans for the day ahead with you.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up with Bonjour. You could hear your favorite song, adjust the temperature in your room, and gently turn the lights up, calmly welcoming you to your day. But it’s not just mornings that can be enhanced; Bonjour is well-suited to just lounging around in bed, or for right before you go to sleep. All that is required to waken the potential of the device is the word ‘Bonjour.’

  • OK Bonjour, if it’s 7:00 A.M and sunny play my ‘Wake Up Happy’ playlist.
  • OK Bonjour, what is the traffic like on the way to work?
  • OK Bonjour, wake me up one hour before my first meeting.
  • OK Bonjour, lower the lights and the temperature in my bedroom.
  • OK Bonjour, wake me up at 6:00 A.M on Sunday if the weather is good. If not, let me sleep in.

Bonjour knows not all mornings are created equal. There are sunny days, get-stuck-in-traffic days, breakfast-for-dinner days, and Saturdays. Bonjour wants you to be ready for whatever surprises the morning has, with conditional wake-up commands and predictive, conversational responses. Bonjour fashioned the familiar “if this, then that” idea into easy-to-use, conditional voice-activated responses to help you have the perfect morning. You will hear Bonjour say:

  • I see that it is a beautiful day outside, wear something cool.
  • If you leave now, it will take you only 25 minutes to get to work.
  • Your garage door seems to be open. Do you want to check the security camera?
  • Today is completely free on your calendar, you can afford to sleep in
  • You didn’t walk much today, do you want to wake up tomorrow for a run?

Bonjour combines modern design, vocal interaction and visual messaging to bring you a reimagined morning experience.

“At Holi, we have dedicated ourselves to improving sleep around the world,” says Grégoire Gérard the Creative Chairman for Bonjour. “With a combined 50 years of experience, we have taken all of what we know about sleep and applied it to the least favorite, but most important part: waking up. In France we say Faire la grasse matinée’, or to have a fat morning, but of course like most things, it’s sexier in French. Connected devices and design are in our DNA and we put all of our expertise and vision into imagining new solutions for better sleep and a more pleasant morning.

Due to its success on Kickstarter, Holi has implemented Bonjour with some new features from its strech goals, including biometric voice recognition technology. Keeping in line the simple elegance of its design, Bonjour can now identify voices in a crowded room, and will only respond to the person it’s in direct contact with. This new feature is a real innovation in the voice-controlled device industry, and will enhance the lives of users.



Holi, the company behind Bonjour, is a start-up that has already grown-up. Since its creation in 2012 and the launch of its first two products SLEEPCOMPANION and SMARTLAMP, the company dedicated itself to conceive innovative products to promote better sleep and great wake-up.


To fulfill its mission, Holi combines a double expertise: iOT & sleep science. By gathering neuroscientists, data scientist, engineers, designers and developers, holi’s R&D department innovates to offer new solutions and create a new lifestyle where sleep empowers people and great wake-ups make great days.


Grégoire Gérard
Creative Chairman

Jérôme Schonfeld
General Manager

Cloitilde Mathieu
Communication Director

Alizée Aubry
Communication Project Manager

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