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What Does Your Voice Say About Your Health? Beyond Verbal Launches Research Platform to Discover the Link

Beyond Verbal, leading the way in voice-driven emotions analytics, is launching its Beyond mHealth Research Platform to collaborate with medical institutions and facilitate a new domain of research identifying health conditions through discovering novel vocal biomarkers

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Tel Aviv, Israel – October 2016 – Beyond Verbal, the leader in voice-driven emotions analytics, is launching a research platform with the goal of identifying vocal biomarkers which may indicate various health related issues. The Beyond mHealth Research Platform will facilitate a new domain of health research, correlating distinct voice features with health conditions on a global scale.

Imagine if identifying health conditions was as easy as speaking. With Beyond Verbal’s technology, vocal biomarkers will be able to quickly and easily tell patients and their doctors if the individual is at risk for having all sorts of medical conditions, from depression and stress to Coronary Artery Disease. Alerting a patient or a doctor about a medical condition early can affect quality of life dramatically and even sometimes mean the difference between life and death, making predictive healthcare one of the most important fields of research. With the Beyond mHealth Research Platform, Beyond Verbal aims to collaborate with the brightest minds in the field from around the world, expanding their research on vocal biomarkers that can potentially save lives.

During the last 21 years, Beyond Verbal has collected more than 2.5 million emotion-tagged voices in more than 40 languages to analyze human emotions. Working together with the Mayo Clinic, Hadassah Medical Center, Tel Aviv University, and others, the company is expanding its research on the connection between vocal intonations and health issues. With the Beyond mHealth Research Platform, Beyond Verbal is looking to expand this research, and enable collaboration with other institutions in order to put the topic of health and voice front and center.

Beyond Verbal’s Emotions Analytics API is able to analyze voice streams or recordings using the company’s patented emotions engine. Once the information has been analyzed, it can be integrated into any type of application and correlated to other life events. Research partners can leverage Beyond Verbal’s existing artificial intelligence (AI) tools, as well as the expertise of its data science team to uncover new insights and discover unique vocal biomarkers. When a new biomarker is discovered, the research platform provides partners with a convenient path to commercialization. Additionally, the platform provides both a HIPAA compliant app that collects participants’ data, and a HIPAA compliant secure web interface enabling data sharing through its cloud platform.

Yuval Mor, CEO of Beyond Verbal: “We at Beyond Verbal have been doing our own research for years, and now we want to use the Beyond mHealth Research Platform as a medium that encourages collaboration and innovation from around the globe. With the human voice being such an easily available way to collect data and the connection between voice and health conditions proven, we believe that this research platform will be able to make a huge difference in the field.”


About Beyond Verbal

Since its launch in 2012, Beyond Verbal has been using voice-driven Emotions Analytics to dramatically change the way we can detect emotions and monitor health just by monitoring the human voice. Beyond Verbal’s technology has been developed based on ongoing research into the science of emotions that started in 1995. By combining the company’s patented technology with its proprietary machine learning-based algorithms and AI, Beyond Verbal is focusing on emotions understanding and discovering vocal biomarkers. During the past 21 years, the company has been able to hone its technology through multiple internal tests and independent external validations. Over time, Beyond Verbal has collected more than 2.5 million emotion-tagged voices in more than 40 languages, and secured their technology with multiple granted patents.

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Yuval Mor - Board Member and CEO
Pavel Smirnov - VP of R&D
Dr. Yoram Levanon - Chief Science Officer
Daniel Gershuni - VP Products
Noa Silberklang - VP mHealth
Bianca Meger - VP Marketing

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