archify Gives You A Photographic Memory Of Everything You See On The Web
Startup Publicly Launches Its Private Web Archive Service; Announces New Gmail Integration And A Suite Of Analytics That Help You Quantify Your Web Browsing Patterns

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BERLIN – November 27, 2012archify, a tool that stores your entire web and social history in the cloud, announces the full public launch of its service today following a closed beta period. The company has added new features to its private archive service that enable you to easily find anything from your social or web history in seconds. You can now search your archive right from your Gmail account, helping you save time when you search for posts from your social feeds or web pages you’ve previously visited. Additionally, the service has also added a suite of analytics that let you delve into comprehensive statistics from your Internet browsing history.

Quickly Search Your Private History While It’s Stored Safe In The Cloud

archify provides a sleek private archiving service that stores all of your social streams and web activity in one easy-to-search archive. A screenshot of each website you visit is saved along with the full text of the page, letting you find exactly what you’re looking for even if it’s been deleted from the live web. archify keeps your history stored in the cloud, preserving the important web pages that you have browsed so you can search for and find the important information you’re seeking.

You can find what you’re looking for in many ways:

• Via your Gmail inbox

• Via the archify browser plugin that adds a dedicated search feature to your browser

• Via your personal archive on

• Even from within Google, as archify adds your archive results to the Google search page

The new Gmail integration now provides you with an even more powerful way to access your social and web history. archify creates a private folder in Gmail to store your archive data. This means you can search your archive without ever leaving Gmail, accelerating the process of finding important information. This is a perfect solution for Gmail users and other professionals looking to accelerate their workflow.

On top of this, archify has added a powerful suite of analytics to its service letting you explore your Internet browsing behavior and see among other stats: what sites you visit most often; where you spend the most time; and what time of the day and week you are most active. This provides you with a powerful tool that helps you understand how you really use the web.

Now You Can Always Find That Post/Page You’re Looking For

Currently, the only record you have of the sites you visit is a simplistic list of URLs in your browser history – a feature that hasn’t changed much over the years. Having to go through thousands of web pages, spanning months and potentially years of browsing doesn’t enable you to efficiently search for what you’re looking for. Imagine that you’re working on a critical report for work and you remember an article you read months ago that would be a perfect reference. You can crawl sluggishly through your browser’s history or pray that you can re-find it through one of many searches of each of your social networks.

This is where archify comes in, providing you with a personal search engine of your web history, making it easy to locate the web page or social post you’re looking for. Since archify also saves your Facebook and Twitter streams, it gives you an incredibly powerful way to search all your conversations and interaction with friends and followers.

Max Kossatz – CEO
Gerald Bäck – CTO

archify provides users with a personal archive of all of their Internet browsing and social media feeds. It provides a searchable interface so users can easily find previous web pages they’ve visited or important past updates from their social feeds. archify was founded in 2012 by CEO Max Kossatz and CTO Gerald Back. archify is headquartered in Berlin and has received VC funding from Balderton Capital.