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Radar for Drones: Arbe Robotics Unveils Light-Weight, Lower Power Collision Avoidance Solution

Arbe Robotics is converting the power of radar into a drone collision avoidance system, providing greater range, higher accuracy, and lower power requirements.

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TEL AVIV – November, 2016Arbe Robotics, an Israeli startup pioneering the use of a trusted technology, radar, in the emerging market of drones, publicly unveiled its collision avoidance technology today. By bringing radar into the drone industry, Arbe Robotics is building a safer drone experience that will not only protect people and property, but drones themselves.

Collision avoidance systems are recent additions to the drone industry, as the world increasingly focuses on regulations and the ensuring of public safety. However, the current field of collision avoidance is dominated by antiquated technology, technology that specifically slows down a drone’s flying speed while simultaneously draining a drone’s battery. Arbe Robotics’s radar solution focuses not only on protecting drones from all oncoming objects around the drone, but protects the two things that make drones valuable, speed and duration of flight.

Arbe Robotics’ has built a more economic and battery efficient collision avoidance technology that can not only view 360 degrees around the drone, but has an unprecedented range of up to 200 meters. Arbe Robotics’ solution includes both a hardware and a software component; hardware that exists as an easily mountable band, in addition to anti-collision autopilot software that provides individual drone navigation that ultimately detects upcoming obstacles. In addition, Arbe Robotics’ collision avoidance solution is low in weight while minimal in processing, so only 5% of battery is used while in flight. Overall, any oncoming obstacle from any direction that is one meter or larger in size can be detected from up to 200 meters away, providing a far better solution than any collision avoidance technology that is currently available in the market.

Following its launch in November 2015, Arbe Robotics’ has quickly grown and developed into a leading radar solution that is a more economic, reliable, and battery efficient collision avoidance option. In addition, with its win in the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off, Arbe Robotics has been officially proclaimed as one of the front-runners in drone innovation, specifically in relation to collision avoidance.

“While drones are fun, they aren’t living up to their potential because of obstacle avoidance and the fact they can’t fly beyond line of sight,” said Kobi Marenko, CEO and co-founder. “Here at Arbe Robotics, we are only scratching the surface on what radar has to offer the drone industry, and challenging one of the main issues regarding drones today, the danger of collision. Our innovative solution holds the promise to open up new avenues for drone manufacturers and operators to derive value from their devices.”


Arbe Robotics was founded in November 2015 by three cofounders, Kobi Marenko (CEO), Noam Arkind (CTO), and Oz Firman (COO). Now, with a team of ten individuals, Arbe Robotics is in the midst of building a global leading solution for collision avoidance, one of the leading issues with drones today. Arbe Robotics has received funding from Canaan Partners Israel, Taya Ventures and Kobi Morenko.


Kobi Marenko - Co-Founder and CEO
Noam Arkind - Co-Founder and CTO
Oz Fizman - Co-Founder and COO

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