IQTELL Launches Its Innovative App That Combines Email And Productivity To Reach Absolute Inbox Zero
Backed By $4 Million In Funding, IQTELL Launches The App That Brings Together Email And Productivity To Get Things Done

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OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey — IQTELL, the comprehensive productivity solution that boosts efficiency to get things done, launches its email app for iOS and Android, to join its powerful web app platform and a Chrome extension. IQTELL has recently emerged from a public beta backed by $4 million in private funding.

We’ve all been there – an inbox exploding with emails, a day packed with meetings and an ever-growing list of things still waiting to get done. We’ve become accustomed to moving email into various email folders such as “Tomorrow”, “Next Week” or “Sometime”, just to find that we already have hundreds of emails in these folders, and that very little is getting done.

To be productive we all need a better way to process our email. How about taking action while processing email instead of swiping it under the rug by tagging it for “Later” or “Important?” With the disruptive new email app released by IQTELL, things get done!  Swiping email to create tasks, reminders, projects, someday – directly off email messages.  And, of course, being able to perform routine work such as archive, delete, move and reply – these are just a swipe away as well.

With this combined email and productivity platform users can finally see the big picture at a glance, achieve Inbox Zero and get things done. The all-in-one user interface syncs and consolidates emails, calendars and Evernote with projects, tasks, and more.

The newly released email app for iOS and Android offers an array of exciting features:

  • Full Email Functionality – Read, compose, flag and more
  • Functional Bar – Swipe left to delete, archive, move or reply
  • Macro Bar – Swipe right to create tasks, reminders, projects, someday, and more
  • Customizable Filters – Define “watch lists” based on due date, priorities, context and more
  • Offline – Works offline and syncs automatically when connectivity returns
  • Cross Platform Fully integrated across the web app and any Android or iOS device with cloud-based backup
  • Bring Your Existing Email Accounts – IQTELL supports all email service providers – Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, Office365, IMAP and POP3

Get IQTELL’s Email app on the App Store.

Get IQTELL’s Email app on Google Play.

Ran J. Flam – CEO & Founder

Sahaf Flam – Managing Director

Haim Pekel – Marketing Director

IQTELL.COM, LLC is based in New Jersey with a subsidiary in Modi’in, Israel. The company was founded by Ran Flam, a serial entrepreneur with a proven success record. Team IQTELL is committed to ongoing R&D to further augment the IQTELL platform and to provide users with the most efficient platform to get things done and stay organized.