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Withdraw cash from your crypto holdings at any Visa-friendly ATM with the 2gether card

2gether + ATMs are a match made in financial heaven: For the first time ever, European users can withdraw cash from their crypto holdings anytime with the 2gether card at any ATM that accepts Visa worldwide

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MADRID – June 2019 2gether, the first collaborative banking platform, is announcing that all users now have the option to convert their crypto holdings to withdraw cash from any ATM machine that accepts Visa around the globe. Consumers can withdraw cash by exchanging any of the following seven cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, XPR, BCH, EOS, XLM, and LTC.

Imagine you’re exploring the mystical markets of Marrakech, and you suddenly realize that you left all of your cash back at the hotel. However, you just so happen to have €500 worth of Bitcoin, but what good will that do you as the spice merchant stares at you in a state of confusion. How are you going to bring home those spices, teas, and that ornate rug that would look perfect in your living room? 2gether’s prepaid Visa card solves this problem by offering users the ability to directly convert their crypto holdings to withdraw cold hard cash from any Visa-friendly ATM. With 2gether, you also won’t be stranded at the market as you can now hail a cab back to the hotel and pay the driver in cash.

2gether’s ATM feature will offer:

  • Maximum coverage: No need to look for a Bitcoin specific ATM in an exclusive mall in the city centre, withdraw cash from the proceeds from your crypto holdings from any ATM that accepts Visa
  • No additional fees: Other than those charged by the ATM owner itself and the exchange fee applied to the crypto to FIAT conversion
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controlled: ATM withdrawals will work within the company’s AML policy, applied to euros and crypto, setting a daily withdrawal limit of €300

“The unique capabilities of 2gether’s ATM service advance our mission of crypto mass adoption and seamless integration into the lives of consumers,” says Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether. “2gether is working hard on incorporating new features for its community to consolidate its position as the leading banking platform for the euro and crypto economies.”

2gether’s prepaid Visa card allows users to spend crypto as easily as euros anywhere, instantly, and without fees. Whether it be shopping at your favourite boutique or taking a friend out for dinner, users simply swipe their 2gether card and it seamlessly integrates cryptocurrency into your everyday life. 2gether users can pay in euros or instantly exchange their choice of seven cryptocurrencies for euros to pay with their Visa card, hold and manage euro and crypto balances in one platform, and buy and sell crypto in two clicks with no mark-ups or exchange rates.

Clients in all 19 countries of the Eurozone can still participate on the pre-sale of the 2GT token. EU citizens can now download the app on Google Play and the App Store, pass the KYC process, and enjoy all 2gether services. New users need to invest a minimum of €10 to become part of the 2gether community.

2gether is now available for download on Google Play and the App Store.


About 2gether:

Led by CEO Ramón Ferraz and senior professionals in the field, 2gether’s aim is to support and promote a new token-based economy. Founded in 2016, the digital platform is successfully bridging the gap between crypto users and the mainstream market to simplify customers’ financial decisions. 2gether is developing the bank of the future, a future in which users move beyond solely interacting with euros and dollars and augment their financial decisions through the use of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain.

About Visa:

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world leader in electronic and digital payments. Its mission is to
connect the world through the most innovative, reliable, and secure payment network. Visa’s
advanced global processing network, VisaNet, provides secure and reliable payments around
the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. The
company’s relentless focus on innovation is a catalyst for the rapid growth of connected
commerce on any device, and a driving force behind the dream of a cashless future for
everyone, everywhere. As the world moves from analog to digital, Visa is applying its brand,
products, people, network, and scale to reshape the future of commerce.


Commercially known as Pecunpay, PECUNIA CARDS E.D.E. is an electronic money institution
(EMI) supervised by the Spanish Central Bank. Pecunpay provides innovative resources and
capabilities for clients so they can offer financial solutions without giving up their own brand.
Pecunpay’s clients are protected by Pecunpay’s legal and technology coverage. The company’s vision is to become a leader in new forms of payment and money exchange providing services
to the main Spanish and international financial institutions.


Ramón Ferraz, CEO
Salvador Casquero, Founder & Business Development
Salvador Carrillo, Founder & Product Architecture
Luis Estrada, Founder & Technology Senior Vice President

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