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Former PM of Israel, Ehud Barak Launches Reporty Mobile App in 160 Countries So 911 Callers Can Livestream Emergency Situations

Launching in 160 Countries, Reporty's Mobile App Is Dedicated To Giving Operators A Clear, Full Picture of a Scenario Through Live Video and Audio To Reduce Response Times and Ultimately Save Lives

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Please note: This story is under embargo until Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 8:00am PST

Tel Aviv, Israel –  October, 2016 – Reportya national emergency system uniquely positioned to enhance first response to emergency events and to transform the way the public reports emergencies through real time video and audio app, is announcing its launch on iOS and Android in 160 countries.

Imagine you just witnessed a horrific car accident. You call 911 in distress and the dispatcher asks you a ton of questions just to understand what happened and where you are. You try to relay the information to the operator, which is time consuming and you may not even really know your exact location. Then the line goes dead because of network congestion. With Reporty, using a single tap you can instantly and automatically transmit all critical information to local dispatchers through real time video and audio from the scene, including a pinpointed location accurate to one meter (including indoor floor levels). If the dispatcher is receiving multiple reports for the same car accident, he/she can select the report with the best quality transition or one with the highest reliability score.

Bringing innovative and advanced technology to the public safety sphere, Reporty is a multi-layer national emergency ecosystem with a smartphone app, dispatch control system, and a call transferring/rerouting/prioritizing system which can pinpoint indoor and outdoor locations, and much more. Reporty brings the advancement of modern smartphones, communication tools, and advanced technology to emergency call centers and crowdsources public safety in order to get live, accurate reporting in minimal time.

Individuals can use the free Android or iOS app to stream live video and audio with a location pinpointed to one meter, even while indoors, which is seen by emergency operators. So even if you’re in an office building, the operator will be able to see which floor of the building, which office, and even which room you are located in. Moreover, in the event that a person is unable to speak (for example, hiding in a room during a burglary), Reporty’s two-way text-chat feature allows the operator to communicate with the caller instantly and silently.

With Reporty’s SaaS infrastructure, which can be fully integrated with existing infrastructure at dispatch centers, real time information from the field can be turned into useful information. The reported information is organized and automatically prioritized giving any operator a live, clear picture from the scene where they can browse through reported events, give assistance, and give responders an exact location – convenient for situations that occur in places like the beach, for example, where there are no street signs. Reporty can easily integrate with smart city systems and provide information that reduces response times, increases sense of security, and ultimately saves lives.

Reporty has several other features:

  • Use in any country: Traveling to a new country and don’t speak the language or know the local hotline numbers? Reporty can be used as the direct line of communication to the resources dedicated to safety in 160 countries.
  • Routing feature: Reporty’s intelligent router gives users the ability to communicate through any channel with dispatch without having to choose. For example, if a user doesn’t have an internet connection, the app will reroute to make sure a phone line is open to those hotlines.The app’s benchmark algorithm checks available networks (Umts, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc) and switches networks automatically to support the transfer of data.
  • Social features: Reporty is more than just an app to report emergencies. Using the ReporTeam, or personal safety network, users can instant message one another with their location. Ideal for parents or concerned friends, the ‘Follow Me’ feature allows someone from the ReporTeam to follow a user’s location as they make their way from point A to point B, to ensure they get there safely.

“Current 911 services get millions of calls every day. Many of them are unreliable, false, and have increased response times due to no ability to prioritize calls. According to the FCC about 10,000 people in emergency situations die every year because authorities aren’t able to find them”, said Co-Founder & CEO Amir Elichai. “Reporty changes that utilizing deep technology and a full ecosystem to support National Emergency Systems.”

“By integrating easily with existing command center services, Reporty completes the 911 solution with its disruptive technology”, said Co-Founder & CTO Alex Dizengoff. “By improving this channel of communication more lives could be saved each year.”

Reporty has been downloaded +100,000 times in Israel alone during its beta stage. Working with Israel’s national emergency service, Magen David Adom, thousands of reports were handled by Reporty, which have resulted in lifesaving situations.

Reporty’s app can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store.


Reporty was founded in 2014 by Amir Elichai (CEO), Alex Dizengoff (CTO), Lital Leshem (Business Development Executive), and Yoni Yatsun (Senior Developer).

Reporty bridges the gap between civilians and the resources designed to help them by introducing the most innovative technology the public safety sector has ever seen. Using the power of the crowd, Reporty is revolutionizing the way first response and public safety agencies manage events in the field. Reporty recently won first place at the Tel Aviv Innovation Conference startup competition, and won third place at Israel Mobile Summit 2016 startup competition.

Investors raised $5.15 million in the latest round of funding, led by Former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak. Other strategic investors came from the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Israel, bringing the total amount of funding to $7 million.


Amir Elichai- CEO
Alex Dizengoff - CTO
Lital Leshem - Business Development Executive
Yoni Yatsun - Senior Developer

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