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Guggy, The Contextual GIF Maker, Provides an API for Developers

New contextual smart GIF maker Guggy, offers an Improved GIF experience by adding text to GIFs, providing much needed context in conversations; the solution is now available as an API for developers

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TEL AVIV, Israel – With GIFs rapidly emerging as one of the most popular ways to chat and communicate this decade, numerous apps, search engines, and other solutions have surfaced to provide users with funny GIFS to add to their conversations. However, with current GIF makers, the process is still cumbersome, providing GIFs that are often either completely out of context or downright offensive.

Picture a typical conversation with your best friend trying to make plans for Halloween night. Perhaps you were just trying to quickly tell them about a cool party, but instead find yourself having to immediately send long explanations for what you were trying to say with a simple GIF. With Guggy’s smart Contextual GIF, the guess work is completely eliminated and you can simply send one GIF to express all that you wanted to say.

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Which GIF would you understand better?

Guggy, a new smart contextual GIF maker, is stepping into the space to provide both developers and end users with an easy solution for adding awesome and hilarious GIFs to their conversations. Guggy provides an enhanced experience that makes GIFs more relevant by adding important context to the conversation. Guggy achieves this by overlaying user generated text on top of the GIF itself through their advanced, multi-language Natural Processing (NLP) and a robust rendering engine that creates not only whimsical texts, but sensical texts in less than a second.

“Our mission is to make using GIFs a far easier and far better experience. Right now, GIF providers return results that feel random and irrelevant. Current providers lack the capability of giving users an experience that enables them to express themselves fully. You can’t say ‘meet me for drinks at 7:00’ or ‘Thanks for helping me out today.’ We wanted to provide GIFs that make sense, and that the user can send without twisting their words to get specific results,” said Rotem Yakir, CEO of Guggy. “By making Guggy available as an API, it means that developers can provide GIFs to their users and provide an enhanced experience in their apps. Ultimately, we hope to see the number of GIFs sent every day in messengers skyrocket as users have easier access to GIFs that say what they want to say.”

With Guggy, search results yield relevant GIFs and with the addition of the overlay text the message becomes a natural part of any conversation. Guggy is able to take natural and conversational text like “whatsss uppp”, “yesssss”, “I luv you” and other phrases, including emoji recognition, and is still able to yield relevant results, meaning the user doesn’t have to change the way they communicate.

Guggy is taking a cross platform approach to make its solution available to as many users as possible and already features apps and integrations on iOS, Android, iMessage, Slack, Chrome, and many others. However, the true potential of Guggy lies with its API for developers that allows for Guggy to be integrated into any app or service both independently and alongside GIF providers like Giphy and Tenor.

Guggy has already delivered more than 2.5 million GIFs to users across multiple platforms.



Guggy was founded in 2015 by cousins Rotem and Shahar Yakir. The pair has over thirty years combined experience in Research and Development. Guggy is a smart GIF provider that uses a robust messaging-oriented NLP engine to analyze your text, match an accurate humorous GIF and recreate it in real-time with the text embedded on the GIF.


Rotem Yakir
Co-Founder; CEO at Guggy

Shahar Yakir
Co-Founder; VP R&D at Guggy

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