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Never Lose Your Stuff Again: GearEye Uses RFID To Help You Monitor Your Items

GearEye helps locate and monitor gear with just a swift wave of a hand and a press of a button. Users just tag and scan their gear, and use the companion app to check if they’ve got everything they need with them. GearEye is more affordable, discreet, and longer lasting than competing solutions such as Bluetooth trackers

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Tel Aviv, Israel — February, 2016 — GearEyea monitoring solution helping people keep track of their belongings, is continuing its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Comprised of a radio frequency ID (RFID) scanner, tags, and an app with connected checklists, GearEye offers a complete solution for keeping track of personal gear.

We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush, you grab the things you need and throw them in a bag, and when you get to where you’re going, suddenly, to your horror, the item you need most is nowhere to be found. For professionals photographers, for example, missing a crucial item from their gear can spell an end to a photoshoot and a full day’s work. Imagine if there were a way to easily ensure that you have everything you need before leaving for the day.

Enter GearEye, a comprehensive solution for professionals needing to carry a lot of gear on them. GearEye that makes sure they have all the necessary items they require, and helps them locate misplaced gear. Users simply place tiny GearEye RFID tags on their items, like cameras, lenses, flashes, and even their wallet, and after create a checklist for the items they need using the GearEye app. With a simple wave of the GearEye smartphone battery-case or a keyring scanner, the app will let them know if their tagged items are in their bag, by marking it off on their personal checklist. If an item is missing from the checklist, the app tells them where its last scanned location was. Users can also wave the scanner around a space until they are alerted that the lost item is close by. Performing such checks with just one click, when leaving and returning from a destination, can help ensure that all important items will never be left behind.

Unlike Bluetooth tags, GearEye’s RFID tags are thin stickers allowing them to be placed on nearly any object, of any size. The RFID tags do not require any batteries and last for years before needing to be replaced. GearEye’s tags are also much cheaper, with 40 RFID tags costing less than one Bluetooth tag.

With GearEye, anyone can:

  • Better organize their gear by making sure that they have everything they need by quickly scanning their bags
  • Get help find missing tagged items with a one to three meters range, depending on the object and environment
  • Tag other items like passports, wallets, and sports gear, as well as other professional tools like plumbing and electrical tools, and more

“All my life I’ve been misplacing important items like my keys, passport or wallet. One day, I thought, why not tag these items and be able to find them with my phone? And so the idea for GearEye was born”, said GearEye Founder and CEO, Yulia Lerner. “GearEye is the complete solution for managing people’s gear, allowing them to easily make sure they have everything they need, and find the crucial items if/when they’re and missing. It’s great for photographers, and can also be used by DJs, frequent travelers, electricians, plumbers, and everyday users to manage their gear.”

You can find GearEye’s Indiegogo page here.


After spending too much time trying to locate important misplaced items, GearEye CEO, Yulia Lerner, founded the company in 2014, to help individuals keep track and manage all of their gear. GearEye has received $290,000 from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist and angel investors.


Yulia Lerner, CEO and Founder

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